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tv   [untitled]    January 25, 2012 1:48pm-2:18pm PST

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force campus. we have world-class convention facilities and museums around the garden. we are on the verge of 10,000 new housing units and acres of new parts and commercial space at the renewed hunters club shipyard. for that many of you that have worked so hard on these projects over the years, and to our investors, you have my unwavering commitment that we will make good on these promises. [applause] so, on tuesday i will introduce legislation to the board of supervisors to protect these projects and the thousands of jobs they will create for our future. i know, i said it. jobs. you are tired of hearing me talk about it. some of you in the media have
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made fun of me for it. i can live with that. jobs in smart economic development for our city is my top priority. they will be every day that in your mayor. because of that, unemployment is on a steady decrease, while investment and job creation are on a steady increase. unemployment in san francisco went down dramatically, from 9.9% when i stood before you last january, to 7.8% in november. ladies and gentlemen, that means 17,000 san franciscans went back to work last year. [applause] while we can be proud of that,
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it is of little comfort to the single parent, recent graduate, or attorney veteran that find themselves out of work. we must do better. we will. we will do better, by continuing to attract good businesses and jobs. if we could take on the issues like pension reform, surely we could reform the tax structure to incentivize job creation, not discourage it. we must reform it. now is the time to finally get it done. small business is the backbone of our local economy and foundation of our vibrant neighborhoods. we can do more to help them. we will strengthen our office of small business and dramatically increase support for small businesses with loans and targeted investment in our commercial corridors.
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at the same time that we are recruiting those high-tech companies in san francisco, we need to make sure that our young people, as well of those in the middle of their career who are out of work and looking for change, to get the skills and jobs that those companies are creating right here at home. we can do it by working with people like the thing that -- like zynga to partner for nonprofits and city college. through the diversity of our people and geographic locations on the pacific, san francisco is uniquely positioned to be the preeminent gateway for goods and visitors from latin america and beyond. growing our international trade and tourism generates jobs for san franciscans at home and abroad.
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with organizations like sfmade, from bike messenger bags to ceramic tiles, a new market is being created around the world for local goods made right here in san francisco. [applause] clearly, i can go on and on about jobs. i will. jobs will remain the top priority of the administration. you should care about jobs, the economy, and innovation. if you care about muni, like i do, you should care about jobs, our community, and innovation. whether it is parks, health care, the arts, public safety, the environment, where schools, our ability is directly connected to giving every
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family the ability of a paycheck and willingness to embrace innovation. through all of this, we are partnering with a new generation of community oriented business people, joining a long time neighborhood and community activists to help san francisco realize its goals. whether it is the great new economy, like ron and gail conway or mark danny cox, who is leading the 21st century movement, or neighborhood and community leaders, like rows in chinatown, mary and al harris in the mission, or dr. joe marshall in the bayview, san franciscans from across the city are working together to find new and exciting ways to address social problems. they are bringing legions of committed people to the table with them. we all want a city where a kid
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from any neighborhood can grow out safely, play in his local park, and go to a good public school. we want a city where kids can go to college and get the education that they need for a job. or opening a small business in the outer sunset. at its best, san francisco is a city for everyone. we are a city for the 100%. [applause] we will only realize our true promise and potential when we serve the needs and aspirations of each and every one. i will tell you one of the ways that we can do that. we need to create a permanent source of revenue. for funding of production and housing in san francisco.
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creating a space that is livable for everyone at every end of the spectrum. but just low-income housing, but working-class housing. we must never let up on our efforts to fight homelessness, move people off of the streets and into supportive housing. we must continue to embrace innovative approaches to help families and individuals find permanent homes. so, this week that will direct the mayor's office of housing to convene a broad working group of housing advocates, city officials, developers, and community leaders to develop a measure that we can place on the november ballot to create a permanent housing trust fund. san francisco must remain a place. [applause] san francisco must remain a place where everyone of us can call home. let's roll up our sleeves.
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let's go to work and get it all done. [applause] i am aware that this is not just government. sometimes it is politics. some of us will be tempted to derail the process for our own political of vantage, looking to demonize one group or another. i am telling you right now, as your mayor, i have no time for that. we are all elected by our same boss. the people of san francisco. they expect us to get things done. [applause] you may not always agree with me, but every day i will make one pledge. that every decision that i make is what i think is best for the city and all of the people of san francisco. that is my standard.
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san francisco is the greatest city in the world. the greatest city in the world. [applause] and because of our people, and because we are the innovation capital of the world, i have no doubt that we will confront and overcome each of our challenges. let's take up the call and make the city work for everyone. together, let us get it done. thank you very much. [applause] >> very good. [applause] >> [unintelligible] [applause]
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>> you may be seated. mr. mayor, that was a marvelous message. some of the people here are here to share this moment with you and say congratulations. names have arrived on these little yellow cards. first and foremost i should acknowledge, the closest thing that we have to a president, charlotte's secretary, george schulz. [applause]
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diane acknowledged, in a group of mayors, identifying the ones who are here now. but this city has a legacy of all the people who have served and continually participate. not only is gina here, but kathleen alioto is here. [applause] a true son of san francisco, kevin shelley is here. of the supervisors, john of a los -- avalos is here.
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in the citywide elected officials, bill cain is here. on the state level, tom [unintelligible] [applause] the board of equalization member, betty yi. [applause] and, of course, mr. mayor, i refer to -- is that yours? [laughter] >> i believe so. >> two children.
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already proposes and ready to seek headlines. emily more arrests. [applause] state comptroller, john chomp. [applause] and your own controller, ben rosenfield. [applause] school board member, rachel morton. [applause] school board member, sandra lee [applause] you referred earlier to selecting the chief. which is great, sir.
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gavin named the first female fire chief. [applause] and you kept his chief of staff, steve caller. where are you, steve? [applause] then, mr. mayor, all of this did not just happen. all of the business of this beautiful blue drapery, decking out city hall with a blue carpet and horns of plenty, heralding your arrival. that all happened because you had an inaugural committee headed by none other than charlotte, matthew, and martha. they put all that together. standup if you are a member of
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that inaugural committee. [applause] then, of course, mr. mayor, you posted during the christmas holidays an event for a very important international unit. as the city unfolds in its international importance, the core of san francisco is going to be very important. please rise of the people concede we really are. [applause] san francisco, frankly, would never be complete -- i left my heart in san francisco? that is part of what we are about.
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there is something that has become equally important in this city. that is none other than what john silver has been putting together now, one way or another, in memory of the in in an ongoing basis to silver, which is beach bank -- beach blanket babylon. so, cool it and watch beach blanket babylon. >> ♪ it only takes a tiny corner by the place, not your love.
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i have been away, but now i am back to tell you san francour gn francisco, you are the laundering one no more tell me why the heart of the golden work. san francisco, open your golden gate shoes you're wondering one
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no more. but tell me you are the heart of gold in july [unintelligible] ♪
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>> this is holly lee knox.
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there are some proud pet owners in san francisco and they have brought all their pets here to strut their stuff. >> it's an annual event that we've had. this is our 18th year. we bring in rescue groupers, vendors, supporters, lots and lots of animals. it's a proud day for us and for the animals of san francisco. >> the costume contest is really fun. people get really creative. it's a really fun event. people go all out, create costumes, buy costumes, whatever it is. but there's some really fun ones. >> we're just celebrating the pets and just their companionship and how they are invaluable. so everybody's having fun.
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>> we're the city's open door shelter. that means we take in every animal that comes through our door regardless of age, condition, species, everything in the city comes through us that is in need. >> animal care control, it is such an important agency and is very understaffed, has very few resources. but we make animals don't have a home, that we get them a home and that we don't put the animals to sleep, that we're able to adopt them out. >> we have a huge number of volunteers who come in and they will walk our dogs, socialize our animals, play with cats, play with them, bring them to adoption events today. >> i volunteer with the animal
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control center and i do that every week. >> we're in an organization called friends of a.c.c. with that organization, you can donate money if you don't have time. if you do have time, you can come down to the shelter and volunteer to actually have one-on-one time with the animals. if you're like me and you don't have time to give to an animal, if you actually have one of your own, you can get your fix on the weekends, come in and pet them and love them and it's great. >> this has been pet pride 2011 brought to you by san francisco animal care and control. to find out more, visit them on the web at sfgov
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